Welcome to SHAKTI WOMB COMMUNITY, a safe space to find and share tools and experiences for empowering women´s natural health and birth.

Are you pregnant or trying to conceive?

At Shakti Womb you can find support from conscious conception to birth, while you discover the power within you.

Are you struggling with period related issues?

It is never too late to get to know your cyclical body and understand how balance can affect your periods.

Understanding how your body works, alongside self-care and a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference in your menstrual cycle experience.

Period pain is not normal, unless there is a pelvic condition, and it should be possible to enjoy pain-free cycles.


Is menopause or perimenopause making life a bit though?

Although menopause can be a difficult transitioning time, involving a lot of changes in the body, it is possible to enjoy the freedom that comes with this stage in our lifetime.

It is time to (re)discover all the wisdom that has been gathered through the years and let your body enjoy all its beauty!!


 Through Education, Emotional support and Companionship, Hands-on support and massage therapy, Wellbeing and natural health promotion, Herbs and traditional remedies, Diet, Movement, yoga and meditation, Breathing techniques, Hormonal Balance improvement…

Everyone deserves to be supported and loved during pregnancy and birth so she can find her inner strength and wisdom.

Your birth is yours!

I would love to provide you with the support and tools to birth your baby the way you choose while you have a positive and empowering experience.

Mizan uses traditional healing techniques to address conditions involving reproductive organs, the digestive system and emotional health.

It is a gentle, external massage that brings healing to the womb space and optimum health and well-being to women on both physical and emotional levels.


Pampering after having a baby should not be luxurious.

Shakti Womb can provide what you need for postnatal recovery on many levels.

Physical support for your body, nurturing meals,  practical support with baby care and breastfeeding, also birth debriefing, and closing ceremony.

About Me

Hi, my name is Esther and I run Shakti Womb.

I am a birth and postnatal DOULA, BIRTH EDUCATOR, and MIZAN THERAPIST.

I have the ability to listen and feel people and I use my calm and supportive approach together with my knowledge to support  BIRTH, PREGNANCY WELLBEING, POSTNATAL HEALING, FERTILITY, REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, AND PERIOD ISSUES.

I understand the human body as a whole and I work holistically to provide the best care to people as they walk their own healing journeys, gain autonomy and connection with their bodies or prepare themselves for birth.

My aim is that all the skills and knowledge acquired through the years can be useful to support women as they find their own ways through birth and their reproductive cycles.

Every journey is unique, therefore I offer a wide range of services and tools so you can find what works better for you according to your specific needs.

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